~Argentine Style Tango~

A beautiful Victorian seaport located on the Olympic Peninsula, Port Townsend offers breathtaking views, a lively farmers' market, unique local restaurants, and of course fabulous tango opportunities.  Visit Port Townsend by boat, bike, car or air.  See PT Guide for accommodations and upcoming activities and come enjoy Port Townsend.

~Upcoming Events~



First Sunday of the month.


  • First Milonga August 7th:

  • 5-8 at the Jefferson Community School upstairs (280 Quincy st)

  • DJ Vivian Konstantakos

  • Entrada: $15

  • milongitapt@hotmail.com

Special Practica

Last practica this month (July 26th) will be a potluck bash at the Masonic 7:00 PM to...


  • Bring something to share if you like, or just something for you if not comfortable sharing.

  • Bring something to drink that you can't live without - we'll have water. (Masonic does not like liquor in the building)

  • We have plates, cups, and the rest.