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~Argentine Style Tango~

A beautiful Victorian seaport located on the Olympic Peninsula, Port Townsend offers breathtaking views, a lively farmers' market, unique local restaurants, and of course fabulous tango opportunities.  Visit Port Townsend by boat, bike, car or air.  See PT Guide for accommodations and upcoming activities and come enjoy Port Townsend.

~Upcoming Events~




First Sunday of the month,

April 2


Technique & Concepts

Patricio Touceda

& Eva Lucero

4-5 pm $20




Coming up: a wonderful opportunity for beginners to progress in their tango journey and for seasoned dancers to improve their dance skills. Starting March 15 at the Old School House located above the Bazaar Girls Yarn Shop, a monthly opportunity on the third Wednesday of the month will be offered for learning the fundamentals and techniques for dancing Argentine Tango. Instructors are seasoned dancers with years of experience who want to help you dance your best.

We welcome all levels of dancers as we will be working on technique and concepts. We will provide beginners fundamentals and we'll give intermediate dancers more complex concepts of the same technique.

Come join Vivian Konstantakos, Becky Hall, and Cliff Coulter Wednesday March 15th for our first offering.

Lesson: 6:30 - 8pm
Cost: $15 per lesson
Location: Upstairs from Bazaar Girls, 280 Quincy Street, Port Townsend 

​Alternative Tango Practica


Wednesday February, 1

7pm to 9pm.

DJ - Michael Tissington

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