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Masonic Lodge Practica


Practica is a place to practice your dance.  Fine tune or fumble through the moves you learned in class.  Rehearse the embellishments, timing, and embrace.  Ask questions.  Become seasoned in the cabeceo before you get to a milonga.  Dance with new partners and learn so much about tango and yourself. Practica is a great place to explore your dance, exchange feedback, and of course have fun.

We also have a Tango Library which consists of CDs of Argentine bands and composers, tango movies and documentaries, summaries of workshops by instructors both here and elsewhere, performances by professionals, and instructional DVDs at both beginning and advanced levels.  The library is available for anyone to check out during the Pt. Townsend Tuesday practicas.


Tuesdays (except 1st Tuesday of the month)

7:00-9:00 pm

Practica is held at the Masonic Lodge behind the post office.

1338 Jefferson Street 

Admission: $4

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